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Clive Styth


The Head Honcho

Hidden deep inside the office of Carlisle Steel Supplies lives a character called Clive. Covered from head to toe in steel armour, you can hear Clive before you can see him. Below the armour, you find the usual body of a middle aged man. On the very top of his head lives no hair. This keeps Clive aerodynamic in the wet and windy Cumbrian conditions. Thankfully underneath Clive's shiny scalp, you find over 30 years' of experience in supplying steel to the trade and public. In fact, he holds a black belt in it. A friendly, lovable, and humorous character of Carlisle Steel Supplies.

Ben Clifford


The Prodigy

Delve further into the office of Carlisle Steel Supplies and you'll meet a character called Ben. As the nephew of The Head Honcho - Ben has big boots to fill (actually - only size 7's to be exact). Hailing from the mean streets of Morton, he's armed with a degree in Marketing and Management, and is currently learning the ropes of the steel industry. Outside the office, Ben can be found in his natural habitat - the gym - guided by the sound of techno or The Joe Rogan Experience. A genuine, honest, and amicable character of Carlisle Steel Supplies.

Aimee Styth


The Beauty

Occasionally making an appearance in the office of Carlisle Steel Supplies is a character called Aimee. As the daughter of The Head Honcho, Aimee can be found keeping Carlisle Steel Supplies looking pretty. She was born with telepathic and telekinetic powers. In other words, she doesn't miss a thing. With a keen eye for creativity and number crunching, Aimee is the backbone of Carlisle Steel Supplies. Without her, the Cumbrian landscape would remain stagnant. A frivolous, exuberant, and whimsical character of Carlisle Steel Supplies.

Sharon Styth


The Super Boss

Outside the office of Carlisle Steel Supplies, we find a character called Sharon. As the better half of The Head Honcho, and working hard in the Virology department of the Cumberland Infirmary, not even Covid-19 can get past this character. We began writing a sarcastic description for The Super Boss, until she caught wind of it and we felt the wrath. As the self-proclaimed Director of Corporate Entertainment, she can often be found blowing the budget on keeping us all fed and tipsy. A faultless, infallible, and meticulous character of Carlisle Steel Supplies.



The Puppy Dog

Last but certainly not least, we find the newest addition to the CSS office - Vinnie. Also known as "Who's A Good Boy" - The Puppy Dog can often be heard before he is seen. Although new to the steel industry, Vinnie has displayed excellent steal experience... Including garden plants, dirty washing, and human food... Whilst his training develops though, you can expect to find this character under the desk rather than at the desk... A boisterous, loving, and faithful character of Carlisle Steel Supplies. 

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